[OS X TeX] Lobbying for Reply-To as it used to be

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Mon Mar 22 16:48:28 EST 2004

Hi Bruno, and others,

On 23/03/2004, at 2:56 AM, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Le 22 mars 04, à 16:32, Stefan Kauhaus a écrit :
>> whereas if the Reply-To-Header is set by the mailing list software, I 
>> have no choice: both actions will result in the same behaviour (did 
>> someone just say this is supposed to be "logical" ...?).
> Logical in the sense that if a message is posted to the list, then 
> it's supposed to be interesting to everybody, as will be the various 
> replies. Hence the notion of a "logical" default -- that any reply, 
> unless the poster changes the To field purposely, goes to the list.

I agree with Stefan in that the current setup is easier in implement the
available choices.
And I disagree that all responses are interesting to everyone (sorry, 
better to say are inherently interesting to many people) on the list.

How many times have we had someone claiming a piece of coding or 
of packages doesn't work, when the problem was that they were making a 
mistake of some kind ?  Group responses are not appropriate.
Individuals respond directly to the poster, who is encouraged to post a 
and 'thank you' when the problem is solved.

>> * PRO fixed Reply-To-Header:
>> I'm lazy. I just want to click once and it should work as I want it 
>> to.
> I would think it a matter of convenience rather than laziness.

If you don't know the easy way to "Reply to all" with your current 
then maybe it's time to re-examine the options or (god-forbid!) read
some documentation.  Often it's just a matter of clicking a check-box
and something previously thought difficult becomes a lot more 

> These are just opinions, not more. Anyway I still call this a 
> "discussion".

Yes; lets keep this friendly and constructive.



> Bruno
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