[OS X TeX] Lobbying for Reply-To as it used to be

Josep M.Font jmfont at inicia.es
Tue Mar 23 04:18:29 EST 2004

El 22/03/2004, a les 16:32, Stefan Kauhaus va escriure:

> Am 22.03.2004 um 15:39 schrieb Josep M.Font:
>>> I would like to lobby for a return to the original behaviour.
>> I support this proposal. Period.
> I don't. So what? Somehow I get the impression that this "discussion" 
> won't lead to nothing.

I apologize. It was my fault not to explicitly say I agree with most of 
the arguments already given (by far more competent people than me) in 
favour of the original behaviour. My position is that this is a list, 
not a messenger or chat system, and *in principle* exchange of messages 
is addressed to the community. I often learn interesting points from 
threads I neither started nor was supposed to be interested in. The 
default behaviour should reflect this. Each time I want to reply 
privately, I am taking an explicit decision and should act also 
explicitly, not by default.

>  To try and speed things up let's recapitulate the arguments:
> * PRO fixed Reply-To-Header:
> I'm lazy. I just want to click once and it should work as I want it to.

I'm affraid this is not a fair "recapitulation of arguments"...


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