[OS X TeX] 9.5pt font size

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Mar 23 09:18:57 EST 2004

Le 23 mars 04, à 08:29, Bruno Voisin a écrit :

> What you see is actually (and sadly) normal. With Computer Modern 
> fonts, not all sizes are defined. If you look for example at the file 
> /Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/tex/latex/base/ot1cmr.fd, you'll see 
> such lines as:
> \DeclareFontShape{OT1}{cmr}{m}{n}%
>      {<5><6><7><8><9><10><12>gen*cmr%
>       <10.95>cmr10%
>       <14.4>cmr12%
>       <17.28><20.74><24.88>cmr17}{}
> [...]
> To cure this you can try to put in the preamble of your document stuff 
> like:
> \DeclareFontShape{OT1}{cmr}{m}{n}%
>      {<-5>cmr5%
>       <5-6>cmr6%
>       <6-7>cmr7%
>       <7-8>cmr8%
>       <8-9>cmr9%
>       <9-11>cmr10%
>       <11-14>cmr12%
>       <14->cmr17}{}
> [...]
> But then you'll have to do this for all the fonts involved

Thinking about it a bit more, I just realized that one easy way to do 
this is to use the Latin Modern fonts that are installed as part of 
Gerben Wierda's distribution. For example, 
/Library/teTeX/share/texmf.local/tex/latex/lm/t1lmr.fd contains:

      {<-5.5>   cork-lmr5      <5.5-6.5> cork-lmr6
       <6.5-7.5> cork-lmr7      <7.5-8.5> cork-lmr8
       <8.5-9.5> cork-lmr9      <9.5-11>  cork-lmr10
       <11-15>   cork-lmr12
       <15-> cork-lmr17

Hence simply by putting in the preamble of your document:


you'll avoid having to redefine font shapes yourself, and still get all 
the intermediate sizes available. You'll also notice characters look 
"better" (less thin) on screen.

However Latin Modern fonts include text fonts only, not math fonts, 
thus I don't know what will happen with these.

Hope this helps,

Bruno Voisin

PS In case you don't know, Latin Modern fonts are a recent free 
PostScript equivalent of the EC fonts, similar to the commercial 
European Modern fonts from Y&Y, in the same way as the BSR/Y&Y/AMS 
version of CM fonts is a PostScript equivalent of the original CM fonts 
from Don Knuth, the inventor of TeX. As to EC fonts, they are an 8-bit 
extension (suitable for Western European languages) of the 7-bit CM 

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