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Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Tue Mar 23 10:58:21 EST 2004

On 23 mrt 2004, at 10:13, Will Robertson wrote:

> I just noticed Maarten's post on comp.text.tex involving a bash shell 
> script to run LaTeX as many times as necessary to get things right 
> with figure numbers et al.

As the originator of that post: I've put the complete script (which 
does more) combined with a set of AppleScripts for use with BBEdit (at 
least that is what I do) in 

Use these script at your own risk, I won't provide support! (not until 
I have finished my thesis anyway). The scripts make some assumptions 
about the directory structure and how files are related that work for 
_me_, YMMV. The AppleScript contain a short description of each of the 
actions in the Description field.

Note that in the post I replied to:
>> By the way, while I'm at it, let me also mention what I consider a
>> minor design flaw in LaTeX. I think the two-pass execution that is
>> required to get references correct is a bad idea. Why? I wrote a
>> simple shell script to go directly from LaTeX to pdf, but the two-pass
>> business made it more difficult than it should be to make the script
>> deal intelligently with failure of the first run.

The user has a latex from 1999, and his (main) complaint has since been 
fixed: latex now exits with a return value ­ 0 when an error has 
occurred (make sure uses that).

> Considering TeXShop is all about making Mac the most simple and 
> pleasant way of writing LaTeX, why hasn't such a script been 
> implemented?

I offer my scripts as a basis. It has some options I'd like to see in 
other applications, notably: turning documentclass options on and off 
at will, without altering the sources (draft is implemented here, 
others may follow). Some flexibilty in calling metapost (use LaTeX 
instead of TeX for labels). Have a look and see what you like.

> I suppose alternatively, I could ask
> "Why doesn't everyone use iTeXMac?"

The interface continues to baffle me. I've rolled my own in BBEdit: 
these scripts.

> "Why doesn't everyone write ConTeXt?".

I sure tried, but a bibliography with numerical references _really_ 
killed that idea. That, and the fact that journals usually require 
latex, not context. The inertia you get there is _very_ large (one man 
pushing won't get things moving, I assure you).

JŽr™me Laurens added:
> "Why does not everyone use Mac?"

Inertia, ignorance, masochism. That and the odd application that is not 
available, but if everyone uses a Mac, that would solve itself.

> "Why does not everyone speak french?"

After "She forgot to bring back his book" and "She forgot to bring her 
book", it took me several weeks to untie my brains. Translate, and 
think back with a mind that uses the German/English/Dutch way of 
thinking here ;)

> "Why does not everyone like cheese?"

Did you just buy a copy of that Talking Heads album?


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