[OS X TeX] Nobody knows

Claus Gerhardt claus.gerhardt at urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue Mar 23 06:15:21 EST 2004

There are numerous scripts in TeXShop providing a "complete" run, their 
names all end in "cpl" with one exception: makeindexcpl, bibtexcpl, 
mpostcpl, makeindices-mpostc-cpl, and combination-example.

There is no complete script for a simple Latex typesetting, i.e., 
running Latex twice without any additional tex tools involved. But 
anyone who wants such a script can easily write it by looking at any of 
the complete scripts and use copy and paste.


On 23.03.2004, at 10:13, Will Robertson wrote:

> I just noticed Maarten's post on comp.text.tex involving a bash shell 
> script to run LaTeX as many times as necessary to get things right 
> with figure numbers et al.
> Considering TeXShop is all about making Mac the most simple and 
> pleasant way of writing LaTeX, why hasn't such a script been 
> implemented?

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