Fwd: [OS X TeX] Latin Modern installation

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Mar 24 06:55:13 EST 2004

> De: Bruno Voisin
> Date: 24 mars 2004 12:53:21 GMT+01:00
> À: Jan Eden
> Objet: Rép : [OS X TeX] Latin Modern installation
> Le 24 mars 04, à 12:43, Jan Eden a écrit :
>> from the TeX i-Package readme:
>> Latin Modern fonts can be made available for all Mac GUI applications 
>> when you have PfaEdit installed from the i-Installer release of Jan 
>> 15, 2004 or later. The configure script will automatically detect if 
>> you have the right PfaEdit and if the conversion has not already been 
>> done and offer you to install them.
>> I do have a recent PfaEdit, but running tehe configuration script 
>> does not lead me to the dialog mentioned above. There is a folder 
>> "Latin Modern" inside /Library/Fonts, but it it empty.
> Two ideas:
> - Running the configuration script is not enough. You need to run 
> Install & Configure, and make sure "TeX Support: Latin Modern Fonts" 
> is checked in the first sheet (called Select Package Parts) that 
> appears at the beginning of the process.
> - Was the folder /Library/Fonts/Latin Modern already there before you 
> ran Install & Configure? If you delete this folder and Install & 
> Configure again, do things change?
> Hope this helps,
> Bruno Voisin

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