[OS X TeX] Utopia fonts

Michael S. Hanson mshanson at wesleyan.edu
Wed Mar 24 08:45:22 EST 2004

	I have been using the utopia/fourier/courier font combo in most of my 
LaTeX documents for some time now, and really like the way they look, 
especially on screen.  I now want to make a Keynote presentation for 
one of my papers, but I don't currently have Utopia as one of my Mac 
fonts.  I'd appreciate any suggestions regarding the following options:

	1. Convert the LaTeX utopia font to a Mac font using one of the 
available font tools.  (pfaedit?)  Is this feasible?  Legal?

	2. Find a freeware (or shareware) clone of Utopia.  Any available?

	3. Bite the bullet and find some left-over grant money (ha!) to 
purchase from Adobe.  In that case, which Adobe font package would be 
most appropriate?  I see three options (although there may be more):

	a. Utopia Type 1 PostScript collection (7 font variants), $135.99

	b. Utopia Std OpenType collection (6 font variants), $175.00

	c. Adobe Type Basics OpenType Edition (*lots* of fonts, 4 Utopia 
variants), $99.00

	Since I'm not trying to do anything very sophisticated, I'm guessing 
that the 4 fonts in the Type Basics collection (regular, bold, italic, 
bold italic) will be enough, and that OpenType -- with its glyph 
support -- is the preferred alternative here.  But I'd appreciate a 
heads-up on any possible "gotchas" if I end up having to go with (c) 
above -- particularly anything related to math characters.  TIA!

                                         -- Mike

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