[OS X TeX] Utopia fonts

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Mar 25 02:29:37 EST 2004

About the question of generating OS X fonts from the PFB files for 
Utopia in Gerben's distribution: I did further testing and can now 
reproduce the behaviour consistently.

What works is to open the four files inside 
/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.gwtex/fonts/type1/adobe/utopia in PfaEdit 
simultaneously, bring the Utopia-Regular window upfront and choose 
"Generate Mac Family…" from the File menu. Select the format "True Type 
(Mac dfont)" and proceed. I noticed that in the Options in the Generate 
window I have Apple checked, I'm not sure this makes a difference.

Then, in Panther 10.3.3, you can open Font Book, choose "Add Fonts…" 
from the File menu, select the Utopia.dfont file and decide whether you 
want to:

- install it for you only: it will be put inside ~/Library/Fonts;

- install it for all users of this computer: it will be put inside 

- install it for Classic: it will be put inside /System Folder/Fonts.

You can then (at least for me that works) use the fonts in Keynote, and 
print from it to a laser printer (LaserJet 4050N) and to an inkjet 
printer (DeskJet 5550).

If the format "Open Type (Mac dfont)" is chosen in PfaEdit instead of 
"True Type (Mac dfont)", then printing to the LaserJet doesn't work: no 
error reported, but nothing comes out of the printer.

This is all using X11's interface of PfaEdit; probably this can be 
automated using scripts and the command line, similar to the perl 
scripts written by Gerben and Will for converting the Latin Modern 
fonts to OS X format.

Hope this helps,

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