[OS X TeX] Utopia fonts

Alan Curtis acurtis at ieee.org
Thu Mar 25 10:18:58 EST 2004

On Mar 24, 2004, at 7:36 PM, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Le 25 mars 04, à 00:42, Alan Curtis a écrit :
>> I am puzzled. I installed your otf fonts and can open your Keynote 
>> file without crashing. It does not print however.
>> But, if I create the font in pfaedit by opening the files one at a 
>> time and saving as a Mac family either as otf or TT dfont, my font 
>> crashes Keynote. They must be a problem either with my fonts or with 
>> my pfaedit. I'll do some more checking and try on my machine at home.
> The only possible differences I can think of:
> - I opened all four fonts in the Utopia family together (use 
> Shift-Click to select them):
> <Image 3.pdf>
> Shouldn't make any difference though. (In case I misunderstood your 
> description: PfaEdit's doc says all fonts going into a Mac font family 
> must be opened at the time the family is created.)
> - I noticed I have by default one more option checked than in the 
> default Generate dialog:
> <Image 2.pdf>
> namely the Apple option which is said 
> <http://pfaedit.sourceforge.net/generate.html> to set certain TrueType 
> tables according to Apple's specifications (as opposed to 
> Microsoft/Adobe's specifications). Does it matter? I don't know.
> At the time I was beta-testing the conversion of Latin Modern fonts to 
> OS X format, I remember Gerben told us beta testers that he was using 
> a special version of PfaEdit modified by George William specifically 
> to tackle with unexpected bugs revealed by the conversion. Have the 
> modifications been merged in PfaEdit's trunk? I don't know.
> Gerben did the conversion by writing a Perl script lmcreatefamilies.pe 
> stored inside the TeX i-package, for me 
> ~/Library/i-Packages/tex.ii2/lmcreatefamilies.pe, based on another 
> script convert.pe, for me ~/Library/i-Packages/tex.ii2/convert.pe, 
> adapted from Will Robertson. Maybe these can be adapted for your 
> purposes (unfortunately I'm absolutely illiterate regarding Perl).
> Bruno (offline and snoring for a few hours effective NOW!)

The .dfont TT fonts worked fine on my iBook and this morning they work 
on my main machine. I think I have seen some odd behavior before (I was 
playing with converting CM and Euler fonts to otf and TT) and it has 
something to do with caching fonts. It seems at least a log out and 
maybe a restart is required if I have any font crashing problems to 
reset something or other. Has anyone else seen this?


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