[OS X TeX] is i-Installer cool?

Samuel Lelievre samuel.lelievre at univ-rennes1.fr
Mon May 3 12:47:16 EDT 2004

As a complement to Bruno's suggestion:
>Given the above, you might be more interested by a WYSIWYG approach 
>to (La)TeX, using (La)TeX as its formatting engine but "hiding" it 
>behind a WYSIWYG front-end, such as:
>- LyX <http://www.lyx.org/> (free and with Mac OS X port)
>- TeXmacs <http://www.texmacs.org/> (free and with Mac OS X port)

Good to see TeXmacs mentioned. Just a precision however:
TeXmacs is inspired by TeX, but does not use TeX as an engine.
All the routines have been reprogrammed (sometimes improved).
I should add that it uses TeX fonts.
It can export TeX or HTML, it can read HTML and import TeX.
In addition, it can interact with computer algebra systems,
it then allows to view the output directly in your text
(examples on the screenshots page).
It often offers several ways to produce a given expression,
either by typing tex-like commands or keyboard shortcuts, by
selecting menu items or clicking buttons on a palette.
More on the website...

Samuel Lelievre
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