[OS X TeX] TeX is not for the faint of heart

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue May 4 11:00:16 EDT 2004

Le 4 mai 04, à 16:24, Michael S. Hanson a écrit :

> 	Yes, but in the second part of my comment (not quoted here),

Sorry, I did not intend to distort your point, I was just trying to 
make the post as short as possible.

>  I suggested what I still think is a better alternative:  at the 
> conclusion of the base TeX installation with i-Installer, 
> automatically (in non-expert mode) open a web page with some basic 
> documentation.  I think such immediate feedback (more in-your-face, if 
> you will) is preferable to dumping stuff onto the Desktop 
> (particularly for those with really cluttered desktops, or those -- 
> like myself -- that never use it).  Plus, it would be easier to 
> maintain updates of this documentation if it is on-line, it could be 
> made more Mac OS X specific (see below), and while one or two 
> documents could be highlighted (the cathedral), additional resources 
> could be referenced as well (the bazaar).  And, with the documentation 
> available on-line (much of it already in PDF form), linking directly 
> to those would help keep the TeX i-Package "slimmer".

My reticence towards a web online documentation is twofold:

- URLs come and go, a document may change address or stop begin 

- As far as possible, I prefer things to be self-contained. To know 
that when I install a piece of software there is everything inside that 
I will need to operate it properly, rather than having to gather 
complementary pieces from here, there and everywhere.

Plus, the most efficient way that I know of, for working on something 
urgent effectively, is to switch off all network connection, and work 
offline for a couple of hours or days, until everything is finished. I 
do this at times (obviously not today!).

Bruno Voisin
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