[OS X TeX] Margin for single side document

Richard Burton burtonr at telusplanet.net
Fri May 7 01:17:22 EDT 2004

I would like to layout a single-sided document with margin notes on the 
left-hand side of the page. I would like
	1" gutters
	2" for the margin notes
	0.25" separation between the margin notes and the body
	4.25" for the body.

I am  going through the LaTeX Companion 1st edition and chapter 4 
describes the different dimensions for the layout, but it seems to 
imply that for single-sided documents the margin notes have to be on 
the right-hand side of the page. Is this the case? If not, what 
dimension parameters do I need to use to acheive the above. Any help 
would be appreciated. Thanks.

Richard Burton

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