[OS X TeX] latexplate and memoir.cls

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Fri May 7 18:05:30 EDT 2004

On 7 mei 2004, at 22:08, Peter Paul Sint wrote:

> My teTeX/Texshop (installed quite some time ago but probably tinkered 
> with later) did not find the
>    memoir.cls
> LateX Error: File 'memoir.cls' not found.
> If this is typical for an older teTeX system (which even a newcomer 
> may encounter) there is a problem.
> Obviously memoir.cls is _not_ part of standard latex.

define standard latex.

If that means just base + required, then you are obviously right, but 
the lack of flexibility in such a combination is what puts many people 
off of using latex, and using tex instead.
If on the other hand you define standard latex as TeXLive, then almost 
anything goes. teTeX is somewhere in between, and I think that Thomas 
might include memoir in the near future. And on Mac OS X, I think 
standard latex is i-Installer, OzTeX uses a smaller tree -- the whole 
install is just 13 MB, but can be told to incorporate the i-Installer 
tree. The same is true, if I understand things correctly, for CMacTeX.

> It just happens to be part of _recent_ gwtex. Thus one has to restrict 
> the latexplate spedifically to cover gwtex or to explain what is 
> necessary beyond basic latex.

I agree with you that a basic introduction should focus on the content 
-- using basic classes. Once the source files are there, changing the 
layout is a more advanced subject and at that point -- near the end of 
the introduction -- a pointer to more advanced stuff can be given. Note 
that I think it is a very good thing that Memoir is included with 

> It worked after I updated tetex with ii2 (ehich claimed to reset my 
> settings to defaults.  (I doubt if I have changed many but are not 
> sure).
> (and I might have some other interfering tex files/tex installations 
> hidden somewhere).

Memoir is included with gwtex, use kpsewhich to see where it is.

> kpsewhich still does not find latex.fmt (only latex.efmt)
> Is this relevant?

That is a feature. All of texlive and tetex is moving towards e-tex 
(notably latex and context). The only classic tex is tex itself (which 
is not handled by etex), all other format files have moved or will move 
to etex. Note also that elatex and pdfelatex no longer work.

> psint% latex -v
> e-TeX (Web2C 7.5.2) 3.141592-2.1

this is the giveaway: latex is actually etex loading latex.efmt.

> kpathsea version 3.5.2
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