[OS X TeX] latexplate and memoir.cls

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Fri May 7 18:08:14 EDT 2004

On May 7, 2004, at 22:08, Peter Paul Sint wrote:

> At 10:19 h -0500 2004.05.06, Herb Schulz wrote:
>> latexplate.tex document and its content is great. The
>> 'article' option of the memoir class still uses \chapter{} and the
>> \section{} numbering is "chapter.section" not just "section." as with 
>> the
>> actual article class. It also, by default, uses offset odd/even 
>> pages. Both
>> of these are things that a newbie might not understand.
> My teTeX/Texshop (installed quite some time ago but probably tinkered 
> with later) did not find the
>    memoir.cls
> LateX Error: File 'memoir.cls' not found.
> If this is typical for an older teTeX system (which even a newcomer 
> may encounter) there is a problem.

It is typical for teTeX.

> Obviously memoir.cls is _not_ part of standard latex.
> It just happens to be part of _recent_ gwtex. Thus one has to restrict 
> the latexplate spedifically to cover gwtex or to explain what is 
> necessary beyond basic latex.
> It worked after I updated tetex with ii2 (ehich claimed to reset my 
> settings to defaults.

No big deal. Those are i-Installer defaults, not TeX's.

> (I doubt if I have changed many but are not sure).
> (and I might have some other interfering tex files/tex installations 
> hidden somewhere).

Hmm, always be cautious with that.

> kpsewhich still does not find latex.fmt (only latex.efmt)
> Is this relevant?

No. TeX Live and teTeX about a year ago (or is it 2 years already?) 
changed to E-TeX as the engine for LaTeX. LaTeX long before that said 
people should switch to E-TeX as the engine. This has been effectuated 
a while back.

So the command 'latex' will run etex and not tex and the command 
pdflatex will run pdfetex.

hedwig:/usr/local/src/www.rna.nl gerben$ latex -v
e-TeX (Web2C 7.5.2) 3.141592-2.1


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