[OS X TeX] half the size - double dpi...

Mihalis Tsoukalos ekefe at freemail.gr
Sat May 8 09:18:31 EDT 2004

Dear List.

I have the following question:

I got a screen dump (using Option-Shift-4 and space) that I want to use 
in LaTeX. The screen dump is big and low-quality (72 dpi).
I want to make it half the size and double its quality (144 dpi).
Is there a way to do this outside LaTeX?

I finally used the following which did the trick for me, but I still 
want to do the resizing outside LaTeX:

\caption{STREAM visualizer.}

What does the above do to the file quality (dpi)? Does it make the 
output dpis 2.5 (1/.4) times more?
I want the output file format to be pdf.

many thanks in advance,

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