[OS X TeX] Major path puzzlement

stephenmoye at cox.net stephenmoye at cox.net
Tue May 11 09:57:44 EDT 2004

> Did you by any chance install a Unix porting system (Fink, DarwinPorts)  
> on your machines? What is $PATH for you?

9:38 SGM_OSX ~: echo $PATH

> It might also be that for some reason the folder texmf.local got  
> corrupt, and then that reinstalling did not touch it. Did you backup  
> and erase it before reinstalling?

I'll try that.

> Third thing: do you have a texmf.cnf or ls-R file inside  
> ~/Library/texmf/? There shouldn't be, I think.

There was, but deleting it seemed to make no difference.

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