[OS X TeX] how to get the ï character ?

Felix Grasser fgrasser at dplanet.ch
Thu May 13 04:53:30 EDT 2004

Juan Manuel Palacios wrote:

>     I didn't mean the file doesn't typeset right, it does however the 
> vocal with the diacritic accent is finally entered. What I meant is 
> that *entering* ä, ö and/or ü in the .tex file in the TeXShop editor 
> is not as successful as entering ë and/or ï is, because the former 
> trio is instantly replaced by ¨\"a, ¨\"o and/or ¨\"u, respectively. 
> This is what I point out as a bug. The typesetting, however, is not 
> that successful either were you to blindly accept the replacements, 
> because a proper one for ä is \"a, and not ¨\"a, get me? In any case, 
> were it not a bug, I'd have to say I don't really understand the 
> situation because this "live replacing" takes place *only* with those 
> three vocals combined with the dieresis, *not* with the other ones and 
> *not* with any of other of diacritic accents (acute, grave, 
> circumflex, tilde --failure to apply this last one to vocals like e, i 
> and u is due to a completely different reason). The behavior is also 
> independent of the chosen keyboard layout (I just confirmed it with 
> the Spanish - ISO layout) and of the file encoding (as I could 
> reproduce it with a MacRoman encoded file and a OSX Unicode encoded 
> one, to try a couple).

Hi Juan Manuel

My guess is that you have the TexShop preference "Auto Compleltion" 
turned on. This setting will directly replace a certain typed character 
with a sequence of replacement characters. Which characters are being 
replaced and what they are replaced with is given in the 
autocompletion.plist file that you can find in 
~Library/Texshop/Keyboard/autocompletion.plist (mine seems to work fine 
- maybe yours has gotten corrupted somewhere along the way).

For your problem you can either
    a) turn off autocompletion and rely on the latin1 inputenc to 
correctly typeset ä,ö,ü, etc.
    b) keep autocompletion on and edit the autocompletion.plist file to 
correct the replacement of  ä,ö,ü with \"a, etc. and add other matches 
that directly give you \"i for example.

Hope this helps.


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