[OS X TeX] texshop wishlist

Guido Mocken mocken at uni-freiburg.de
Tue May 18 04:10:22 EDT 2004

Am Mittwoch, 14.04.04 um 11:23 Uhr schrieb Themis Matsoukas:
> 2. when clicking on a tex-source window, activate window AND position 
> cursor with single mouse click (now it takes two clicks: one to 
> activate window and a second one to place the cursor where the pointer 
> is).

Yes, but there should be a checkbox to choose one's preferred 
behaviour. I'm still unsure what I like best.

> 3. menu option with keyboard equivalent to print just the currently 
> displayed page of the preview window.

I would prefer a way to mark a whole range of pages for printing.

Some more ideas:

- Automatically add everything written to CommandCompletion.txt. Or 
even better: Leave it the way it is, but make the contents of some 
dictionary (Apple's, Excalibur's, CocoAspell's ...) available for 

- Add a shortcut to switch between preview and TeX source (like 
command-1 in current TexShop), where the TeX source is NOT the main 
file (but references the latter by %SourceDoc or .texshop).

- Allow customization of what get's automatially added to the Marker 
Menu and what does not (e.g. I have redefined \section to \mysection, 
and now the sections no longer show up in the menu)

- Working hyperlinks in the preview window would be great (or an option 
to use Apple's new Preview instead)

- In the preview window, a crosshair cursor and a display of 
coordinates (in physical units of the document, not just pixels) would 
be great, as I often have to rearrange equations until the fit 
completely inside the _invisible_ margin (so there's no longer an 
"overfull hbox" warning).

- Bug report: When I hit the BibTeX button in the source window of a 
secondary source file (not the main %SourceDoc one), LaTeX is run 
instead of BibTex.


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