[OS X TeX] Newer textcomp.sty?

Josep M.Font jmfont at inicia.es
Fri May 21 14:10:17 EDT 2004

El 21 may 2004, a las 17:05, Bruno Voisin escribió:

> Re. The LaTeX Companion 2nd edition, for those in France: it's now 
> announced (it wasn't last week) on Amazon's French site, available 31 
> May, at 71.86€, free 48h shipping until 30 June, 24h shipping at 7€.

Results of a quick comparative search, ordering the LaTeX Companion 2nd 
ed. and shipping to Barcelona Spain through the cheapest method. Final 
prices modulo currency conversion by TopCalculette Pro:

Amazon France: 77,12 euros  (3/4 days)
Amazon UK:     57,96 euros  (3/5 business days)
Amazon.com:    57,57 euros  (11/18 days)



PS: Puzzled to notice that, at Amazon France, the first price is 71,86 
euros, then it goes 70,83 when I put it on my basket (when already 
identified myself), then goes to 68,11 plus 6,05 carriage plus 2,96 
VAT... At Amazon UK, the first "price shift" goes from 32,19 to 33,48 
pounds... At Amazon USA the first shown price is stable throughout the 
purchase process. ???
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