[OS X TeX] Re: [MacTeX] Newer textcomp.sty?

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Fri May 21 16:41:58 EDT 2004

The latest textcomp.sty will be part of the next upgrade of the TeX 
i-Package (maybe Sunday).


On May 20, 2004, at 16:36, Adrian Heathcote wrote:

> Hi All
> This latest version of textcomp.sty is seriously amazing!
>>> The one at cam.ctan.org (British CTAN site)
>>> <ftp://cam.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/unpacked/textcomp.sty> 
>>> is:
>>> \ProvidesPackage{textcomp}
>>> [2004/02/22 v1.99f
>>>                 Standard LaTeX package]
> The freedom that it gives to typesetting in postscript fonts other 
> than the TeX standards, if used in line with the material/tutorial in 
> the new LaTeX Companion alone would justify the price of that volume.
> For example it gives a very quick answer to a question that was asked 
> on this list not long ago: how to define the degree symbol. Here is 
> the one word answer: \textdegree.
> The new LaTeX Companion is an incredibly informative volume: if anyone 
> is wavering, my suggestion would be get it immediately.
> cheers
> Adrian Heathcote
> Sorry for the duplicate posting, but I thought those on the TeX on Mac 
> OSX list may like to know of this.
>> Howdy,
>> Thanks for the information. Interestingly, the CTAN site
>> <http://www.ctan.org/> definitely has an earlier version!
>> I finally was able to find it on the "TeXLive" CD that came with The 
>> LaTeX
>> Companion. I was able to gain the \t{} accent with Lucida Bright but 
>> the
>> ellipsis are still the same as \dots. I wonder if the TS1 encoding 
>> will ever
>> be extended so that all the glyphs will be accessible without going 
>> over to
>> LY1.
>> Does the \texteuro character exist in the LY1 encoding of the Lucida 
>> Bright
>> fonts? I've been using the Adobe Euro Font along with the eurosans 
>> package
>> and it looks ok with Lucida Bright.
>> Good Luck,
>> Herb Schulz
>> (herbs at wideopenwest.com)
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