Please no: [OS X TeX] set environment variables forapplications

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at
Tue May 25 07:57:25 EDT 2004

> On May 25, 2004, at 03:43, Gerben Wierda wrote:
>> But for GUI apps, we generally have. We can set variables per app, and
>> thatis what we should do. Changing environment.plist is just a lazy
>> solution.
> You seem to be confused. As far as I understand, environment.plist has
> nothing to do with Preferences settings of GUI apps.

It is interesting to be called confused on this point. Anyway, maybe I was
not clear enough.

I think that if you want to set environment variables for a subprocess of
a GUI application, you should set these for that application only. You can
implement that by setting these in the GUI of the app, store them in the
app preferences, and then apply them to every subprocess you create.

If you set environment.plist, you also set the environment for the
subprocesses, but not for one app (which needs them) but for all (which
may be harmed by them).

Clearer so?

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