[OS X TeX] XEmacs and teTeX: problem with PATH and XEmacs packages

Julia Brueck jule.brueck at web.de
Wed May 26 10:50:47 EDT 2004

Hi everybody,

thanks to everybody who contributed an answer. I have been working on the 
problem and I will sum up what I did and what worked and what did not 

I followed the guidance to use Terminal.app instead of xterm. I changed 
that display variable and since then I am very happy to be able to start 
emacs from the Terminal.app!

The syntax-highlighting still does not work.

On 23 May 2004 at 21:58, Martin Costabel wrote:

> Chances are that you have them installed already. You just need to 
> switch them on in your init.el file. You do have such a file in 
> ~/.xemacs/, don't you? If not, create it and put the two lines in it:
>   (require 'tex-site)
>   (require 'font-lock)

I created the file and put the lines in it. Now everytime I start xemacs I 
get the message: "Error in init file: cannot open load file: tex-site".
So I guess I do not have the packages installed. 

I figure auctex is what I need, but I did not manage to download it yet. 
Now that seems to be a problem with me and the fink-commander and the 
specified download site, so I will not bother you with it.  

> If your PATH is set correctly, XEmacs should find the tex binaries 
> automatically.

When I run the "export" command in the Terminal.app, the PATH contains the 
path to my tetex. So that seems to be all right.

> You shouldn't change /etc/profile yourself, and you shouldn't need to
> change ~/.profile, either. During installation, both GWtex and Fink put
> PATH-setting code into your startup scripts so that the PATH is correct
> when you use your bash shell in a Terminal.app window.

Hm, my problem was that I am used to being an expert user of Windows 
(please don`t start bashing), got an iBook two months ago, disliked all 
the editors, saw xemacs and did not see that using it would mean to get 
deep into the UNIX. So now I got myself a UNIX reference, a *big* OS X 
book and next time a person running by tells me to change /etc/profile or 
whatever, I´ll consult all the books. 

Being a newbie to OS X I had no idea where to look for solutions so 

> to do something yourself, but I would recommend to avoid xterm. Otherwise,
> the necessary manipulations are described in the Fink FAQ, as well as
> (hundreds of times) in the Apple X11-users mailing list archives and in the
> archives of the Fink mailing lists.

... helped me a lot. 

Also I realized that the questions I still have are xemacs questions 
rather than tex-questions. 

Again, thanks to everybody.

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