[OS X TeX] ntheorem is out fishing

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at verizon.net
Fri May 28 17:01:29 EDT 2004

I give up.

After I did a bit of cleaning up on my HD (I had not really understood 
TeXshop instruction about directories when installing--MY fault), 
TeXshop is now telling me that it cannot find ntheorem.sty and of 
course, neither can I.

I looked up the Not so short and the Flynn. They mention a Local Guide 
supposed to come with "each Latex Installation" that I can't find either 
and the Latex Companion that I am going to buy Tuesday.

I finally asked Google which sent me to Göttingen and, yes, there it was 
and yes, there it still is, meanning I had no ides of what they meant by

    Just get all ntheorem.dtx and ntheorem.ins and run "latex
    ntheorem.ins". This creates "ntheorem.sty", "ntheorem.std" and
    "ntheorem.drv". Copy/move them to suitable directories (where
    $TEXINPUTS will search for them). Then run "latex ntheorem.drv"
    thrice to get the documentation (you have to run it three times to
    get all references and generated lists right).

    If this does not work, inform us.

Well, it isn't that it didn't /work/ ...

It seems exactly what I need but could a gentle soul translate this for 
me? (I am running 10.3.3.)

(I really tried very hard even if, probably, not very intelligently.)

By the way thanks to Bruno Voisin as I had wished I could number 
sections consecutively in the nineteenth century manner but on top of a 
Chapter-Subchapter structure.

Regards and thanks to all (I am saving all messages for future fishing 
and enlightment.)


P.S. I am taking notes for my future bestseller, Adventures of a TIC 
(TexInstallChallenged)-- My lawyer suggested the change from 
InstallIdiot as, in the US, you cannot even say "idiot savant".
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