[OS X TeX] Problem with Figure Numbering and Glossaries

Axel E.Retif axretif at igo.com.mx
Sat May 29 01:48:17 EDT 2004

On May 28, 2004, at 11:25 AM, Lisa Schweitzer wrote:

> Also, have any of you produced documents with both Glossaries and 
> Indexes?
> What do you use to make glossaries? I am a little intimidated by 
> compiling
> GlossTex in the time I have left. Does it work well with TexShop? Any 
> tips
> on successful compiling on in OSX?

I only can help with indexes:

I use in my preamble:

\newindex{aut}{aidx}{aind}{\uppercase{\'Indice de autores}}
\newindex{ana}{idx}{ind}{\uppercase{\'Indice anal\'itico}}

The first for an authors' index and the second for the normal index. 
(Of course \'Indice de autores and \'Indice anal\'itico are the Spanish 
chapter titles for this indexes.) So with the commands

por selecci\'on natural
\index{selecci\'{o}n natural}%
como el ``descubrimiento cient\'{\i}fico m\'as grande de todos los 
tiempos''. Para el fil\'osofo Karl Popper
\indexa{Popper, K.}%
`` selecci\'{o}n natural ''  goes to the normal index and `` Popper, K. 
'' goes to the authors' index.

To generate the normal index in TeXShop, choose the menu MakeIndex. To 
generate the other index, in Terminal navigate to your file.tex working 
directory and type (using my case):

makeindex -o file.aind file.aidx

where `` file '' is the name of your LaTeX file; see that aind and aidx 
are the extensions I had chosen above for this index, _but in reverse 

And now the final step: just before \end{document}


(The LaTeX Companion, first ed., pp. 367-370)

Best regards,


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