[OS X TeX] odd behaviour amsart+babel

Piero D'Ancona dancona at mat.uniroma1.it
Tue Nov 9 12:26:45 EST 2004

Dear Listers,
if and when you have 5 min, can you do the following test: pdflatex the 

\title{The title}
Something, repeated many times.

My first computer typesets it beautifully (with pdflatex). On my second 
computer, however, since a few days the running title (in the page 
header) appears as

anylanguageTHE TITLE

i.e., the name of the language is prepended to the running title itself.

If I comment out the babel line, the problem disappears.
If I switch to latex, the dvi file is immaculate.
If I pdflatex on my first computer, which has an older version of 
GW-tex, the result is perfect.
But if I pdflatex on my powerbook, which has the most up-to-date 
version of GW-tex, the problem appears. I re-installed the TeX 
i-package but nothing changes. Even if I use the command line pdflatex, 
the problem persists, so it must be low-level.

I am not suggesting that GW-tex is the culprit; but where might I look 
for the origin of troubles? some corrupted files? some hidden invisible 
character in the source? and, do you see the same behaviour or is it 
just me?

Any help will be appreciated. Short of help, salacious comments will do.


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