[OS X TeX] elsart class for Elsevier journals

Michael S. Hanson mshanson at wesleyan.edu
Thu Nov 18 16:45:36 EST 2004

On Nov 18, 2004, at 4:15 PM, Maarten Sneep wrote:

>> I've started work on a paper I'll be sending to one of the Elsevier 
>> journals. I remember having read recently on this list that the files 
>> Elsevier provides have some bugs in them. The two files I'm most 
>> interested in are the class file and the .bst file. (elsart.cls and 
>> elsart-num.bst).
> That would have been a warning from my side. The problem lies in the 
> bst file. It changes all characters in the title to lower-case, 
> including the letters in command-names, no matter how you protect 
> them. The solution is to use makebst to create a bst file that adheres 
> to the standards for your specific journal (the elsart-num.bst file is 
> a generic file, it isn't valid for all of the elsevier journals).

	FWIW, I recently used the elsart-harv.bst file for an Elsevier journal 
and did not have any problem protecting capitals in the titles of cited 
articles.  I managed my .bib file by hand (i.e. with BBEdit and TeXShop 
rather than with any bibliography software) and had entries such as:

	author = "Christopher A. Sims",
	year = 1997,
	title = "Comment on {B}ernanke et al.\ `{S}ystematic Monetary Policy
              and the Effects of Oil Price Shocks'",
	booktitle = BPEA,
	volume = 1,
	editor = "William C. Brainard and George L. Perry",
	pages = "143--148"

	author = "Christopher A. Sims",
	year = 1998,
	title = "Comment on {G}lenn {R}udebusch's
             `{D}o Measures of Monetary Policy in a {V}{A}{R} Make 
	journal = IER,
	volume = 39,
	number = 4,
	month = "November",
	pages = "933--941"

	These entries reproduced the bracketed capitals as expected.  Note 
that the reason I don't use a bibliography manager is that I have not 
yet figured out how to get one to correctly reference another .bib file 
that contains all of my journal abbreviations, with entries such as:

@string(BPEA = {Brookings Papers on Economic Activity})
@string(IER = {International Economic Review})

	Hope this helps.

                                         -- Mike

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