[OS X TeX] Tex Day 1; texstart.tex + TeXShop = badly formatted.

bb bruce_spam at earthreflections.com
Sun Nov 28 03:16:02 EST 2004

Hi All,

I tried searching the archive regarding this issue, didn't see anything...

	With all default settings, after opening and "typsetting" the 
texstart.tex file the order of paragraphs in the preview display is 
wrong. What I'm seeing is:
   on page 3
	Chapter 6 Graphics - Figure 1 is OK;
   on page 4
	Figure 2 is OK on the top of page 4.
	then Chapter 7 - Tables
	then Chapter 8 - Fonts as far as "it can however be a labori-"
	Then Figure 3, and figure 3 caption of the Graphics chapter cuts in.
   on page 5
	The there is Table 1 and the rest of the "laborious process" 
paragraph that was cut off, above. (The first paragraph of chapter 8).

A PDF's worth 1K words?  Here's the output:

It's as though the table and last paragraph on page 5 should be on page 4.

The configuration:
	iBook; Mac OS X 10.3.5; FreeBSD & Developer tools
	I have access to Acrobat Reader 6.0, if that helps at all.
	Following "the most simple beginner's guide":
	Installed with i-installer v2.69
	Selected the TeX set to install,
		Basic install and 2004 TeX
	Then I installed TeXshop, version 1.35
	And downloaded texstart.tex

Given that this is my "first day" with TeX I have no idea where to 
begin trouble-shooting this... is Tex OK but the LaTeX macros off? 
Did texstart.tex work with the 2003 code but start failing with 2004. 
Is this apparently "random" shuffling of paragraphs somehow 
intentional? Is this a Mac OS-only problem? Is the problem in 

Thanks for any assistance.
Bruce Barrett		see my web site at: earthreflections.com
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