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Rene Borgella macmechanic at fastmail.fm
Sat Apr 2 13:54:42 EST 2005

Hi everyone:

A week or two back, I had written to ask for help getting Latin 
Modern and hyperref to work.  A couple of you kindly sent some 
advice, and Eitan Gurari saw one of the posts and dropped me a line 
to offer his assistance.   I've got a bit of an idea of what is 
wrong, but I haven't a clue as to why.  I offer this information in 
case some of you are interested or know enough to get to the right 
people so the problem can be fixed.

Here's the scenario:

1) I was using LaTeX installed with i-installer and TeXShop.  I write 
documents with very little math, mostly text for classes I teach in 
biology and environmental studies.  I then convert the LaTeX docs to 
html for posting on our course webpage.

I was doing this by using htlatex and also Claus Gerhardt's 
Flashmode.  Things were going merrily and all was working fine.  I 
had a couple of glitches in going from tex to html, but nothing 
major.  I was able to get things to work well enough for me, so I was 

2) I then wanted to try Latin Modern and had problems where "ff", 
"fi" and such were simply dropped from the html.

3) This is where I wrote the list asking for help, thinking that I 
was doing something wrong.

4) After receiving your responses, I still wasn't able to make it 
work, and, most importantly, I wasn't able to get my older tex 
documents that had worked before going from Tex to html to work 

5) What Eitan did was send me some fonts (ec-lm.htf, ec-lmcsc.htf, 
ec-lmssco.htf, ec-lmtcsc.htf) to install.  It didn't fix it.

6) I decided that maybe I broke something somehow in my TeX 
installation and tried re-installing packages, etc.  That did not fix 
it either

7) I uninstalled Tex and re-installed, and that didnt' work either; I tried:

	1) 2004 Stable
	2) 2005 Experimental (what i had been running before)
	3) Both with the fonts that Eitan sent added and without

Nothing seemed to work, and what was most troubling to me was that 
documents that I was able to convert before didn't work either.

So, yesterday, a machine in my office was brought back with a brand 
new hard drive installed (the previous one died).  It was a virgin 
install, and nothing was on it TeX-wise.

I installed 2004 Stable, the packages I normally use and still no 
working TeX to html translation using htlatex.  I installed Eitan's 
fonts -- same thing.  Then I uninstalled, tried 2005 Experimental, 
same thing.

Finally, my brain kicked in.  I recalled that around this same date I 
decided I wanted to try Latin Modern, I had also updated my TeX 
package.  I looked at my backup drive and pulled out the disk image 
from right before I started having my TeX to html problems.  This 
setup was using 2005 Experimental and my normal packages.  I 
installed this and now IT WORKED.

My interpretation of what's happened:

1) the TeX i-installer package I had from 2005-3-3 (2005 
Experimental) works fine.
2) the TeX i-installer package I had from 2005-3-24 (2005 
Experimental) doesn't work for going to html from TeX

Thanks for all your help, folks.  I hope someone understands enough 
about this to see if it's something that can be remedied.  At the end 
of this message I've got the preamble of the document I tested the 
setups with in case that helps someone understand better what's 



ps -- I've got a copy of the terminal output for the broken install 
below.  I don't understand enough about this to say what part is 
broken, but I see these error messages on the non-working setup:

--- warning --- Couldn't find font `ec-lmr6.htf' (char codes: 0--255)
--- warning --- Couldn't find font `ec-lmr9.htf' (char codes: 0--255)
--- warning --- Couldn't find font `ec-lmr8.htf' (char codes: 0--255)
--- warning --- Couldn't find font `ec-lmtt10.htf' (char codes: 0--255)
--- warning --- Couldn't find font `ec-lmr12.htf' (char codes: 0--255)
--- warning --- Couldn't find font `ec-lmr17.htf' (char codes: 0--255)
--- warning --- Couldn't find font `ec-lmr10.htf' (char codes: 0--255)

Here's the preamble of the document I used to test my setups.





% text for headers and footers
\fancyhead[L]{\textsf{Environmental Biology}---Assignment 4}


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