[OS X TeX] Filmography with BibTeX

Simon Spiegel simon at simifilm.ch
Thu Apr 7 12:47:31 EDT 2005

Hi Thomas,

thanks for answering.

> For the small caps you might have to use makebst to create your own 
> BibTeX style file, but that shouldn't be much of a problem. If you 
> want to know how to use makebst, type
> texdoc makebst
> in the Terminal. To customize your own style file, type
> latex makebst
> and answer the questions according to your taste and needs.

I more or less got the smallcaps part, the problem is the following:

>> - For every further citiation I only want to the shorttitle (if it 
>> exists, otherwise the long title) with a year. Film title should 
>> still be in small caps: Dr. Strangelove.
> I thought I read something about this but couldn't find it anymore. 
> What I did find, though, was the manual to jurabib. The jurabib 
> package at least gives you the \citefield command with which you can 
> cite any field of your bibkey e.g. 
> \citefield{shorttitle}{Kubrick.S:1964}. For the small caps you'd have 
> to use makebst again.

I use jurabib and know the \citefield{shorttitle} command, the problem 
is I really want this automatized. We're talking about 200+ pages 
document here, and having this done automatically would be extremely 

>> - The entry in the filmography should also include the German title 
>> (titleaddon) and the land, the original title should be in smallcaps, 
>> the German title plain : Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop 
>> Worrying and Love the Bomb (Dr. Seltsam oder Wie ich lernte, die 
>> Bombe zu lieben). Stanley Kubrick, GB 1964.
> I _think_ you should get this by incorporating "ANNOTATIONS" in 
> makebst. IIRC this just gives you all of the nonusual fields in a .bib 
> file but I might be mistaken.

I also got the bibliography entry working more or less after hacking 

> As I said, it might work the way you want it, but maybe not quite as 
> automatically as you had hoped for. I'm still trying to remember that 
> other package that does more automation. If I have some time, I might 
> even try out one or two things. Sorry, I can't do more at the moment 
> :-(
Thanks for taking your time.


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