[OS X TeX] Re: Beginner: bibliography strategy?

Andrei Sobolevskii ansobol at mac.com
Sun Apr 10 16:27:37 EDT 2005


Now that you have a general idea of handling bibliography data via 
LaTeX+BibTeX, you might also look at a Web resource called CiteULike 
<http://www.citeulike.org>.  It is a kind of "social bookmark 
service" of the del.icio.us type <http://del.icio.us>, crafted 
especially for handling scientific bibliographies.  It can work with 
both BibTeX and EndNote, so in case you have any legacy EndNote files 
you must be able to just export them to CiteULike, keep there, and 
reimport as BibTeX files.

 From their front page:
"CiteULike is a free service to help academics to share, store, and 
organise the academic papers they are reading. When you see a paper 
on the web that interests you, you can click one button and have it 
added to your personal library. CiteULike automatically extracts the 
citation details, so there's no need to type them in yourself. It all 
works from within your web browser. There's no need to install any 
special software. "

If you happen to work in a field popular among CiteULike users (I 
guess you are since you are using PubMed), the additional value is 
that you can benefit from references to relevant papers other people 
are finding and publishing in their CiteULike libraries.  This is the 
"social" aspect of the service.

I am using CiteULike for several months now and see it as a valuable 
addition to my usual BibTeX-based bibliography strategy.


At 20:00 -0400 04/09/2005, TeX on Mac OS X Mailing List wrote:
>But I need to work with bibliographies. I like the way EndNote (running
>the demo) lets me access MedLine directly, then saves the retrieved
>abstracts and data to its own database. Now I'd like to go from there to
>TeX, somehow.
>My question is not necessarily a step-by-step tutorial (some things one
>has to do for one self...), but the general strategies. That is, assume
>a Max, with OS X. What bibliography software would you use (free or
>commercial)? How do I easily get references from there to TeX? (The
>editor I'm using is BBEdit, by the way).


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