[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 0.99.1

Adam R.Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Sun Apr 10 22:23:10 EDT 2005

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk  
0.99.1 is available for download at <http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/ 
 >.  There are some major bugs, minor bugs, and some very old bugs  
fixed in this release, so we encourage you to update.  Please read  
the text marked "Important" below, as it discusses some features not  
yet covered in our online help (which is being redone at the moment).

Please file bug reports at <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/? 
group_id=61487&atid=497423>, and provide detailed steps to reproduce  
any problems you encounter.  We're hoping to get BibDesk 1.0 out very  
soon, so we're currently in feature freeze until then.  Thanks to  
those of you who have reported problems and helped us improve the  

Complete release notes follow:

*** Important ***
- The input manager for autocompletion has been updated, and a  
reinstallation is recommended.  To update your installation, go to  
BibDesk's Autocompletion preferences, and click the External tab; the  
Reinstall button will update the plugin.

- You can now rearrange the order of fields in your BibTeX entries,  
add fields on a per-type basis, and add completely new types.  There  
is no help available for this feature yet, and it is very new; we  
appreciate any feedback on it.  If you experience problems, remove  
the file ~/Library/Application Support/BibDesk/TypeInfo.plist and  
relaunch BibDesk.

- You can now add character conversion definitions, so people who  
(for instance) use guillemets and german.sty can now define the  
conversion as they see fit.  For "Two-way conversions", the Unicode  
character must be represented by a TeX command sequence of the form  
{\xx}, where xx may be any character or characters.  The "One-way  
conversions" do not have this limitation on the TeX command.  Online  
help is not yet available for this feature; if you have problems,  
remove the file ~/Library/Application Support/BibDesk/ 
CharacterConversion.plist and relaunch BibDesk.

*** New Features ***
   •  BibEditor now has a customizable toolbar
   •  You can disable the status bar at the bottom of the document  
   •  You can now customize BibTeX types by adding new types, adding/ 
removing fields from existing types, or rearranging the order of  
fields in existing types
   •  You can now customize the Unicode->LaTeX character conversion  
process by adding your own definitions
   •  Double-clicking the splitview divider in the document window  
now collapses or expands the preview
   •  You can sort the publications list by the order of items in the  
actual BibTeX file ("Number")

*** Bugfixes ***
   •  LaTeX previewing didn't work properly if the entry contained  
macros (bug #11755031)
   •  A warning will be shown if character conversion fails when  
saving a document
   •  Character conversion warnings weren't displayed for multiply- 
accented characters whose base character was a member of the ASCII  
character set
   •  Added a View menu, and removed the Display menu.  Some menu  
items were rearranged for better conformance with Apple HIG
   •  Fixed various memory leaks
   •  Use proper definitions of boolean types in Info.plist, so  
defaults will actually work
   •  Changing a macro definition now updates the display properly  
(and much faster)
   •  TeX commands and curly braces are now ignored for sorting
   •  All search types now ignore curly braces
   •  BibTeX type is now set properly when dragging BibTeX onto an  
editor window
   •  Citekey is now set when option-dragging BibTeX onto an editor  
   •  Saving with normalized names on will no longer insert editors  
into an author field (bug #1176433)
   •  Remove BibFinder and connect cmd-F to quick search field; this  
fixes at least one crashing bug
   •  Input manager now works properly with natbib optional parameters
   •  Make font sizes in BibEditor form labels consistent
   •  "Open Using Filter" history is now saved properly across launches
   •  Documents imported using a filter are now properly marked as  
   •  Pub list is properly sorted after adding a new publication
   •  Resizing problem with duplicate citekey warning should be fixed  
in the editor
   •  Editor window should remember its size properly
   •  Reworked search code for Services, which fixes bug #604338  
(custom fields weren't searched), and #854414 (spaces in a search  
string were not recognized)
   •  Fixed the type-ahead search in publications list (typing a  
partial author name selects a publication by that author)
   •  Saving won't change focus from Annote/Abstract editing (bug  
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