[OS X TeX] Using postscript fonts generated with mftrace

Roberto Avanzi Roberto.Avanzi at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Mon Apr 11 08:50:17 EDT 2005

Dear All

I downloaded and installed the latest versions of


on my mac (os x 10.3.8).  I use TeXShop with Gerben Wierda's
extended teTeX distribution, btw.

I also got the "outline" computer modern fonts ocm* and wanted
to turn them into outline (sic) fonts.

So I went ahead and issued

  mftrace -f=PFB,AFM,TTF --simplify ocmsl12

and also got the tfm file via

  afm2tfm ocmsl12.afm

but, now, I have a question.

WHere do i install the ocsmsl12.
{afm|pfa|pfb|tfm|ttf} files
(in fact I do not need to install the ttf unless I want to use
it with the system, but I generated it anyway for fun :-) and
which steps do I have to undertake to have them recognised
by the TeX system?  I placed ocmsl12.pfb in the tetex.local
tree along with other fonts and ran mktexlsr, but, predictably,
this did not really work, and recompiling the text I used that
font still produced a file with the older bitmap version.

Also, the font itself is a bin too thin: how do I make it a
bit heavier, without changing the sources?

Any suggestions are warmly appreciated.

/_/  Dr. Roberto Avanzi, Junior Professor
_/  Fakultät für Mathematik - Ruhr University Bochum
/ "Choosing Windows is a case of Stockholm Syndrome"

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