[OS X TeX] Babel, Greek, and a fouled up Table of Contents

Sergei Mariev serguei.mariev at campus.lmu.de
Wed Apr 13 14:32:06 EDT 2005

Yes...! I am working on a critical edition of a Byzantine chronicle 
and I am using babel and polutonikogreek option. I can confirm that 
it does happen sometimes. I have not been able to find a "real" 
solution for that, i.e. to get rid of this problem in a key stroke... 
What I do, is I look up at the entries in the table of contents, and 
insert \selctlanguage{english} at the end of the chapter/section that 
preceeds the one that appears in Greek in the TOC. Sorry, I cannot 
provide a solution for that, but at least you know you are not the 
only one who has seen this behaviour....



>I'm using LaTeX (with TeXShop) for my Master of Theology thesis,
>using the LaTeX report class. I'm also using the Babel package
>in order to support the Greek language needs in the paper
>( \usepackage[polutonikogreek,english]{babel} ).
>The document is structured using a master document that
>uses \include to include the text of the various chapters
>(stored in their own files) into the document.
>My problem: some of the table of contents entries show
>up using the Greek font (e.g., the chapter or section
>title in English will be rendered using Greek characters).
>Including a specific \selectlanguage{english} before
>each \chapter command fixed the problem when I only had
>chapter titles in the table of contents. However, I'm now
>wanting sections in there, and it seems silly to have
>to include \selectlanguage before each one to guarantee
>that the TOC entry is in the right font.
>I am very careful when using \selectlanguage to never leave
>the Greek mode turned on. In fact, I use a TeXShop macro
>to always include the \selectlanguage{polutonikogreek}
>\selectlanguage{english} pairs.
>Has anyone else seen this problem?
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