[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk-1.1.3

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Tue Aug 2 00:14:12 EDT 2005

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk  
1.1.3 is available for download at <http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/ 
 >.  This release has a fairly long list of changes, particularly in  
the "Bugs Fixed" department, and is recommended for all users.  We've  
fixed at least one nasty crashing bug in 1.1.2, and hopefully more as  
well.  Further, this release should be compatible with pre-10.3.9 OS  
versions again, in spite of the shiny new Tiger features (Spotlight  
and PDFKit).

If you find bugs, please report them using the tracker at <https:// 
sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=61487&atid=497423>, so we can get  
them fixed as soon as possible.

I forgot to mention in the official release notes that Spotlight  
support won't be active until after you save a file.  Other than  
that, complete release notes follow:

Changes since 1.1.2

New Features
   •  Support for "starts with" and "ends with" in find/replace
   •  Status line shows number of replacements made
   •  Spotlight support added, such that individual items show up in  
Spotlight search results
   •  Implemented RFE #1238770; you can now set stop words for  
sorting in preferences
   •  PDFKit is now used in the editor and LaTeX previews, so you get  
all of the zooming and selection goodness of Tiger
   •  Dissolve transitions added for editor drawer button
   •  Allow opening and revealing the local file from the main table  
using a contextual menu
   •  Recent items in editor button menus are now in submenus

Bugs Fixed
   •  Find/replace works only on full string components (between #  
marks) when operating on macros
   •  Non-macro find/replace does not replace in macros
   •  Raw BibTeX value of strings is available from AppleScript
   •  Compiled with gcc-3.3, so we can run on < 10.3.9 and  
(hopefully) 10.2.8
   •  Arrow button for crossrefs now changes when clicked
   •  Fix bug #1235265, field named "Key" returns same as "Cite Key"
   •  Changes in complex strings are now noted in the editor
   •  Use Core Graphics for the macro window shadow for Jaguar  
   •  Remove undo support from text import sheet, and only generate  
cite keys when adding ot the document
   •  Each text view (abstract/annote/rss) now has its own undo  
manager, which fixes some crashing bugs
   •  Cache more images in main publications list
   •  Use locks more consistently, to avoid thread-related problems
   •  Fix bug # 1234857, Add undo for changing the publication type
   •  Fix bug # 1238509. The two possible messages were exchanged
   •  Status line displays properly after deleting pubs
   •  Removed some unnecessary updating, so the interface should feel  
   •  Commands such as \LaTeX{} are no longer deleted from the RTF  
   •  We now sniff the pasteboard for RIS or BibTeX when using the  
"Add publications from pasteboard" menu item
   •  Update checking thread now runs at lowest priority
   •  Fixed bug # 1232980. We don't try to move the file when it is  
not deletable (i.e. read-only or in a read-only directory).
   •  Added exception handlers for creating BibTeX strings
   •  Fix for bug #1243735, document marked dirty after switching to  
one of the text view tabs (annote/abstract/rss)
   •  Fix bug # 1221146, add a new option in the prefs to add a tilde  
before the cite command
   •  Fix bug #1244514, last field not added for RIS items
   •  Major rewrite of the RIS/PubMed parsing code to fix bugs and  
improve efficiency
   •  Fix bug #1244625, URL characters shouldn't be escaped when  
importing RIS
   •  Undo/AppleScript now update the annote/abstract/rss fields of  
the editor properly
   •  File loading should be significantly faster, at least for  
larger files
   •  Fixed occasional problems with Select All beeping
   •  Fixed some memory leaks in author code, improved efficiency
   •  Collapse whitespace in fields.  Fixes bug #1199940, \n\t  
converted to double whitespace
   •  TeX preview UI operations now take place on the main thread--------------------- Info ---------------------
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