[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 1.2.1

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Wed Dec 28 23:57:57 EST 2005

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk  
1.2.1 is now available for download at <http:// 
bibdesk.sourceforge.net/>.  We've fixed some important bugs in this  
release (including cite key autocompletion for Cocoa editors), and  
added some handy new features as well.  Once again, thanks to our  
intrepid nightly build testers for helping us squash many of our bugs  
before release, and suggesting improvements and new features.

Please report any bugs you find at <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/? 
group_id=61487&atid=497423>, including enough information for us to  
quickly reproduce the problem.  Additionally, omissions in the online  
help count as bugs...let us know (or even better, submit a fix!) if  
you spot a problem with the documentation.

As usual, complete release notes follow for the easily amused or  
perpetually bored.

### New Features ###

   *  Three-valued fields option added to Defaults preferences, so  
you can now have "Yes" "No" and "somewhere in between" for your  
status fields.
   *  Autocompletion in the editor now uses a popup list (trigger  
with esc on most keyboards)
   *  Text editor in the error editing view now does some minimal  
syntax highlighting to help spot problems
   *  Text editor in the error editing view has a proxy icon (option- 
click to see the actual file)
   *  Format parsing (autofile/citekey) now has a specifier for  
document file name
   *  All text view find panels now have regular expression search  
   *  Recent documents are now shown in the dock menu
   *  If you have a default bibliography set in preferences, it will  
be reopened when you click on the dock icon
   *  Can now choose the appropriate local file field in the editor  
file selection sheet
   *  You can now edit the AutoFile path text field directly (RFE  
   *  AutoFile now has an option to generate Windows-compatible file  
names (RFE #1388020)
   *  Added a menu item to create a new group with the currently  
selected publications
   *  Spotlight importer now supports RIS files (full text import)

### Bugs Fixed ###

   *  Make autofile more consistent. We partially allow moves of  
files for which the old copy couldn't be removed, treating them the  
same as symlinks.
   *  Fix bug in calling search from autocomplete plugin script handler.
   *  Removed "Read" accessors for AppleScript
   *  Rewrote autocompletion pref pane, fixed text baseline so it  
doesn't look as weird
   *  TextEdit will no longer be added to the autocomplete-enabled  
application list
   *  The 'bibliography for' command in AppleScript works again
   *  Files and URLs can now be dragged into editor text fields while  
   *  "Select Duplicates" menu item now finds actual duplicate items;  
previous "Select Duplicates" item was renamed to "Select Duplicates  
by ..." (see online help)
   *  Fix bug # 1379308. Invert check for empty month.
   *  Dragging from the group table to itself is explicitly disallowed
   *  Rewrote macro editing to use an NSFormatter (simplified code  
   *  Import using temporary cite keys (for Endnote users) is now  
more efficient, and won't cause BibDesk to run out of memory
   *  Import using temporary cite keys now writes a temp file to disk  
so errors in the file can be easily located
   *  Copying from the error table should work again
   *  Title and Booktitle are considered equivalent for autocomplete,  
as are Author and Editor
   *  Fixed occasional crasher due to retain/notification cycle in  
error editor
   *  Error table is now faster with large files
   *  Plural and singular nouns use properly in status line for  
duplicate selection
   *  Use Cmd-Shift-R for "Reload" shortcut in www import sheet;  
resolves conflict with raw BibTeX editing
   *  Cmd-E shortcut for editing changed to Cmd-I to avoid conflict  
with "Use Selection for Find" shortcut
   *  "Use Selection for Find" now works with main publications list
   *  Linked files can now be moved using the advanced find/replace  
panel on a Local File-type field
   *  Updates to online help (Local-Url, Encodings)
   *  Fixed opening of local files from the editor form cells
   *  Aliases are now opened correctly when clicking in the main pub  
   *  Colors in format strings are maintained while editing
   *  Fixed numerous memory leaks
   *  The editor drawer now opens in accordance with the arrow (on  
the side with the most room)
   *  Fixed rare exception in document's attributed text preview
   *  ~/Library/Application Support/BibDesk is now created properly  
if it doesn't exist
   *  Overwriting fields in advanced find/replace is no longer case- 
   *  Removed Cite Key from the list of fields in advanced find/replace
   *  No longer beachballs when undoing a large deletion
   *  File contents indexes are once again updated properly when a  
Local-Url field changes
   *  Removed some obsolete locks from file content index, improved  
thread safety by not messaging the document from worker thread
   *  Made locking more consistent in BibItem to improve thread safety
   *  Removed locks from the BibDocument class as we no longer do  
threaded file loads
   *  XML entities in MODS output are now escaped
   *  RSS and MODS are now output as UTF-8 instead of ASCII
   *  Removed window title binding in file content search, as it  
could lead to a crash when the document file name changes
   *  Paste menu item is enabled when there is no selection in the  
   *  No longer deselect in the document when undoing a deletion
   *  Test for removing authors from a group was inverted, so all  
authors except the correct one were removed
   *  Fixed #1362191, scroll position is reset when the content of  
the selected smart group changes
   *  Removed some locks in the TeX previewer that are no longer  
   *  Fixed number of optional arguments for person specifiers
   *  Ensure editor windows close when their items are deleted
   *  Script Hooks work again (see the updated sample hook)
   *  Crossref added to group field combo box
   *  Tooltips for individual table cells work again
   *  Crossref is kept when exporting BibTeX without internal fields
   *  Publications should be sorted correctly for crossrefs when saving

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