[OS X TeX] More BibTeX Questions.

Peter Pagin peter.pagin at philosophy.su.se
Tue Jan 11 05:47:53 EST 2005

The problem with BibDesk is marginal, and concerns the preview only. In 
the bibliography style file generated with the natbib customizing 
method, I have chosen the alternative of using babel for language 
support. BibTeX then looks for the language definitions in the file 
babelbst.tex. This gives the desired document output by pdfLatex. In the 
Bibdesk preview, however, the segments depending on babelbst.tex are 
just empty.

This is a very minor problem. The more serious problem comes with the 
use of the bibentry package, for then I get error messages for undefined 
controlsequences, precisely those that are defined in babelbst.tex. To 
get an acceptable output at all I am force to edit the bbl file manually 
(take out the control sequences and replace them with simple text).


Adam R. Maxwell wrote:

> On Jan 10, 2005, at 02:14, Peter Pagin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have been using natbib in combination with babel (for translation 
>> of bibliografic expressions such as 'eds') with good results, and 
>> managed to add swedish bibliography definitions to babelbst.tex. The 
>> difficulty I have is that the bibentry package, to get full 
>> bibliographic references in footnotes or running text, does not read 
>> the babelbst file (i.e. does not read commands like \bbleds), and so 
>> I have to edit the generated bbl file manually.
> Can't help with this, I'm afraid.
>> A corresponding problem occurs with having BibDesk display the 
>> formatted entry.
> What is the problem with BibDesk?  If it's an encoding issue, the next 
> release will have (preliminary) support for reading and writing 
> non-ASCII (e.g. Unicode, Latin1) bib files; this works with XeTeX, for 
> instance.


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