[OS X TeX] Current "best practice" for Lucida under TeXShop

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue Jan 25 06:20:00 EST 2005

Am 25.01.2005 um 10:21 schrieb Ralph Martin:

> is there any way of converting these fonts to work with TeXShop?

The most sensible way of conversion is turn each Lucida TT font to two 
PostScript TeX fonts, one has the usual Adobe Standard Encoding (8a), 
the other takes care of all those extra glyphs in TT that are used by 
the TeX encodings OT1, T1, and TS1. With fontinst you install the fonts 
as a set of vf, tfm, fd, map, and, of course, pfb files.

For math you'll need some more excerpts as PS font files.

I'm quite through with text having two csh scripts that do it all. In 
between I invoke tex to run on the fontinst file. Last weekend I came 
across that the 'proof sheets' from fontsmple.tex and nfssfont.tex are 
showing incorrect contents. Not many helpful answers yet ...

I can give you (and any other) all my software and short description of 
how to do it.

The math setup I wanted to start this weekend. What is needed is a list 
of glyph names taken from the OML, OMS, and OMX encodings and finding 
the mappings to Unicode positions. For fontinst there are presumingly 
extra ETX and MTX files needed that supply deviating Unicode glyph 
names. I presume the number of all the real math glyphs (without 
\mathcal taken from Zapf ChanceryMediumItalic or such, and maybe 
without blackboard too) is more than 256 so we'd need more than one PS 
font. Using this mapping file ttf2pt1 extracts that excerpt(s) from the 
TT font into a PFB and and an AFM file (each) -- and you're almost 


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