[OS X TeX] [ANN] TCOBrowser 0.81

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Fri Jul 1 03:45:10 EDT 2005

Le 1 juil. 05 à 05:15, Adam R. Maxwell a écrit :

> I've just uploaded a new beta release of TCOBrowser, with some  
> fairly significant changes.  TCOBrowser now supports Spotlight, so  
> you can essentially search (part of) CTAN from Spotlight on 10.4.   
> Numerous display and performance issues have also been addressed,  
> but there's still more to be done if any Cocoa programmers out  
> there want a challenge...
> It's available from <http://tcobrowser.sourceforge.net/>, and a  
> complete list of changes follows.  Thanks to those of you who  
> reported problems with the last version!

Hi Adam,

I was willing to check the UTIs claimed by the included SpotLight  


to make sure they didn't conflict with the other importers for  
the .ps, .pdf and .dvi files:

     "/System/Library/Spotlight/PS.mdimporter",      (from Apple)
     "/Library/Spotlight/DVIImporter.mdimporter",    (from you)
     "/System/Library/Spotlight/PDF.mdimporter",     (from Apple)

But I couldn't remember the command, if any, for returning the UTIs  
claimed by a given importer. I looked through the Xcode Reference  
Library with no luck.

The world seems in order, though, as TCOBrowser doesn't seem to  
interfere with these other importers:

legimc11:~ brunovoisin$ mdimport -d1 -f /usr/local/teTeX/share/ 
2005-07-01 09:39:09.953 mdimport[636] Import '/usr/local/teTeX/share/ 
texmf.tetex/doc/latex/base/fntguide.dvi' type 'com.mac.amaxwell.dvi'  
using 'file://localhost/Library/Spotlight/DVIImporter.mdimporter/'
2005-07-01 09:39:09.959 mdimport[636] At 2005-07-01 09:39:09 +0200  
dviFilePath is /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/doc/latex/base/ 

Does this mean TCOImporter references only the local TCOBrowser  
cache, not the original .ps, .pdf and .dvi files.

Only minor frown at the program: its name, as TCO has annoying Evil  
Empire resonances (ie the Total Cost of Ownership debate). Seems  
immensely useful otherwise.


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