[OS X TeX] [ANN] TCOBrowser 0.81

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Fri Jul 1 09:06:52 EDT 2005

Hi Bruno,

On Jul 1, 2005, at 00:45, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> I was willing to check the UTIs claimed by the included SpotLight  
> importer
>     "/Applications/TCOBrowser.app/Contents/Library/Spotlight/ 
> TCOImporter.mdimporter",
> to make sure they didn't conflict with the other importers for  
> the .ps, .pdf and .dvi files:
>     "/System/Library/Spotlight/PS.mdimporter",      (from Apple)
>     "/Library/Spotlight/DVIImporter.mdimporter",    (from you)
>     "/System/Library/Spotlight/PDF.mdimporter",     (from Apple)
> But I couldn't remember the command, if any, for returning the UTIs  
> claimed by a given importer. I looked through the Xcode Reference  
> Library with no luck.

I've defined my very own UTI and file extension, so there shouldn't  
be any conflict.  You can use mdls and mdimport commands to do what  
you're asking (I always have to check the man pages for options).

> The world seems in order, though, as TCOBrowser doesn't seem to  
> interfere with these other importers:
> legimc11:~ brunovoisin$ mdimport -d1 -f /usr/local/teTeX/share/ 
> texmf.tetex/doc/latex/base/fntguide.dvi
> 2005-07-01 09:39:09.953 mdimport[636] Import '/usr/local/teTeX/ 
> share/texmf.tetex/doc/latex/base/fntguide.dvi' type  
> 'com.mac.amaxwell.dvi' using 'file://localhost/Library/Spotlight/ 
> DVIImporter.mdimporter/'
> 2005-07-01 09:39:09.959 mdimport[636] At 2005-07-01 09:39:09 +0200  
> dviFilePath is /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/doc/latex/base/ 
> fntguide.dvi
> Does this mean TCOImporter references only the local TCOBrowser  
> cache, not the original .ps, .pdf and .dvi files.

Correct.  I create a cache in ~/Library/Caches/Metadata, and  
Spotlight searches those files using the bundled importer.  Hence,  
each catalogue entry can show up in Spotlight as its own file, and  
TCOBrowser can jump to it immediately.  At least, it works for me ;).

> Only minor frown at the program: its name, as TCO has annoying Evil  
> Empire resonances (ie the Total Cost of Ownership debate). Seems  
> immensely useful otherwise.

Never even thought of that :).  Oh well.


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