[OS X TeX] LaTeXiT 1.2 beta

Pierre Chatelier pierre.chatelier at club-internet.fr
Sat Jul 2 10:55:04 EDT 2005


I am about to release a new version of LaTeXiT; I am waiting for  
MacOS 10.4.2, that will fix a bug of 10.4.1 that I handle with a  
dirty workaround. That's why in the documentation it is written that  
LaTeXiT 1.2 will be compatible only with 10.4.2 at least. That is  
untrue for this beta, but it will be in the future. This beta only  
requires 10.4

I also wait some time to increase the chances to find and squash  
bugs. If you feel like to help, you can download the beta to test it  
and report bugs; such help is greatly appreciated !
The download URL is : http://ktd.club.fr/programmation/fichiers/ 

LaTeXiT is a tool similar to LaTeX Equation Editor, in the sense that  
it allows to quickly typeset a latex equation and drag'n drop it in  
another application.
Its main feature that make it useful are:
-a smart error manager
-automatic history
-a library to store the equation you use very often
-LaTeXiT can be called as an application service to transform text  
into an image of the equation
-LinkBack support (an equation dropped from LaTeXiT in an application  
supporting LinkBack can be reopen and modified; see the readme for  
more info)
-now open source software (source code will be available with the  
final 1.2 version)

For those who have already used LaTeXiT, here are the "what's new"
v 1.2
- the software is now Tiger only (at least MacOS 10.4.2) ;
- ready for Mac-Intel (compiled using UniversalBinary) ; but even if  
the Intel version should not contain specific bugs, it could not be  
tested anyway. So it is considered "experimental", and bug reports  
(for those who own a Mac-Intel) are welcome ;
- the software is now under the CeCILL license (open source, GPL  
compatible) ;
- improved speed ;
- better LinkBack support (you can now "refresh" an equation dropped  
into another application) ;
- you can now repoen with LaTeXiT a PDF file created by it ;
- you can now drop on the Finder items from the history or from the  
library ;
- the export format, by drag'n drop or through the service, is now  
customizable ;
- better application service configurability ;
- the LaTeXiT service now tries to align the equation with the  
surrounding text ;
- the LaTeXiT service can now use the same color as the source text ;
- you can now update a library item without deleting/recreating it ;
- japanese users can now use the " ¥ " (yen) symbol instead of " \  
" (backslash) ;
- updated palettes ;
- corrected tooltips in the palette ;
- the latexization can now be triggered with ⌘L or ⇧⌘L (to  
please TeXShop users) ;
- some minor bugs fixed.

Thanks in advance

Pierre Chatelier
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