[OS X TeX] LaTeXiT 1.2 beta

Aaron Jackson jackson at msrce.howard.edu
Sat Jul 2 15:51:47 EDT 2005

On Jul 2, 2005, at 2:43 PM, Pierre Chatelier wrote:

> Hello,
>> I would like to first thank you for your hard work.  I know this 
>> sounds a bit ungrateful, but there are some "minor" features that I 
>> think could be added to make LaTeXiT a killer app.
> Thanks ! If you only complain about missing features, this is because 
> you did not find bugs (starting from the principle that the user 
> cannot be just happy ;-)
>> I am currently writing my dissertation, which involves many equations 
>> and references.  It becomes quite confusing when I have to remember 
>> the labels I assigned to each equation or just to remember how an 
>> equation looks when there are several similar equations within the 
>> document.  It would make life much easier if I could put all of my 
>> equations in LaTeXiT and then when needed drag and drop either the 
>> LaTeX code, a random pre-formatted equation label or a pre-formatted 
>> reference to the random equation label.  With this functionality, one 
>> could have all of their equations in LaTeXiT and not have to keep 
>> track of the labels or references while editing a LaTeX document.  
>> This is the type of functionality that BibDesk provides, which, to 
>> me, is a killer app.
> Perhaps I misunderstood, but it seems to me that you can already do 
> that.
> Copy/paste your latex source code into LaTeXiT, latexize, store the 
> result into the library, and name it with the label of your choice. 
> Isn't it what you would like to do ?

Sorry, I should have provided an example to make my request more clear. 
  So for example, lets say I enter an equation in LaTeXiT and add it to 
the library and name it myequ.  My request would then allow me to click 
and drag the equation icon from the library into TexShop, for example, 
and get one of the following pasted into my document: \ref{equ:myequ}, 
\label{equ:myequ}, $equ source$, or 
\begin{equation}\label{equ:myequ}equ source\end{equation}.  The content 
of pasted text would somewhow  be controlled within LaTeXiT.

That way, if I am editing a large document I can just open LaTeXiT find 
an equation I want in my text, and just click and drag it to where is 
belongs.  Also, when I have to refer to it I can just click and drag 
wherever the references belong.  This makes editing a document with 
hundreds of equations MUCH easier.  There was a thread on the OS X TeX 
mailing list about this, which is where I got the idea.  After a 
certain point it becomes very hard to keep track of all the equations 
and there labels.

Thanks for your time.


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