[OS X TeX] [ANN] TCOBrowser-0.84

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Sun Jul 10 10:37:52 EDT 2005

On Jul 10, 2005, at 05:05, Peter Dyballa wrote:

> Am 10.07.2005 um 04:45 schrieb Adam R. Maxwell:
>>> 2005-07-09 22:09:00.524 TCOBrowser[20138] Binding selectedObject  
>>> cannot be bound to <NSUserDefaultsController: 0x137bc0>[applies  
>>> immediately: YES]
>> Under what circumstances did you see this message?  I haven't seen  
>> it, but I've done almost no testing with Panther, since I have to  
>> reboot into Tiger to recompile after making any changes to the code.
> This happened when I first launched TCOBrowser 0.84 and the README  
> opened too. I can reproduce it now ...

I don't see it here, but I'll check into it.

>> Sorry about that, but I'm just not sure what to tell you.  If you  
>> have Interface Builder, try opening up TCOBrowser's  
>> MainWindow.nib, double-click on the "web drawer" view, select the  
>> WebView and hit cmd-shift-i to get info on it, then uncheck  
>> "Enable plug-ins" and see how it goes.  If that doesn't make  
>> sense, I can send you a build with that done.
> This seems to be a routine that comes in when the first attempt to  
> load a plug-in fails. So it asks the user to choose an external  
> application.

I'm using a really basic web view, so I've no idea what's wrong here.

> In MainWindow.nib an item "webDrawer" is shown. When I double-click  
> it a new window NSDrawer Class Info opens, probably again in dead  
> end street. webDrawer in same window is my next choice: on Cmd- 
> Shift-i an NSDrawer Info window opens, but no "Enable plug-ins"  
> visible.
> It seems that I can't do the job based on your How-To ...

Well, it was a lame how-to, but this last try was almost correct.   
Sorry, I forget how confusing IB is if you're not used to the thing.   
In MainWindow.nib, you should see a gray square with "View" on it,  
and below that it says "Web drawer".  Double-click that to open the  
drawer's content view, and single-click on the gray "WebView1" that  
appears.  Use cmd-shift-i to get info, then choose "Attributes" from  
the inspector panel.  You should have a checkbox then for "Enable  


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