[OS X TeX] [ANN] TCOBrowser-0.84

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Jul 10 08:05:13 EDT 2005

Am 10.07.2005 um 04:45 schrieb Adam R. Maxwell:

>> 2005-07-09 22:09:00.524 TCOBrowser[20138] Binding selectedObject 
>> cannot be bound to <NSUserDefaultsController: 0x137bc0>[applies 
>> immediately: YES]
> Under what circumstances did you see this message?  I haven't seen it, 
> but I've done almost no testing with Panther, since I have to reboot 
> into Tiger to recompile after making any changes to the code.

This happened when I first launched TCOBrowser 0.84 and the README 
opened too. I can reproduce it now ...

> Hmmm...I haven't the faintest idea what MSL.framework is.  TCOBrowser 
> certainly isn't linked to it, but apparently it's bundled with some 
> application that you have.  My guess is that you have some browser 
> plugin trying to load the PDF, and the webview doesn't work with it?  
> Oh, I just saw your note below, and it appears that this is correct 
> ;).

It could be related to /Library/Internet\ 
Plug-Ins/AdobePDFViewer.plugin, since Safari has this symlink Adobe 
Reader 7.

> You should be able to control-click and save the linked file

Of course this works too for me!

>   I just single-clicked the fonteinf.pdf file in the web drawer on 
> Tiger, and it loaded right into the drawer, which is a feature that I 
> didn't even know about!  Looks like I need some kind of magnification 
> feature in the drawer now...

Single- or double-click lead to the same: TCOBrowser tries to use the 
PDF plug-in, which fails. Then it remembers that it could use an 
external application as good, but it fails to use Adobe Reader 7, the 
only application left to choose.

>> A form came up showing the contents of /Applications, from which I 
>> first tried to select TeXShop (there is no better PDF viewer around), 
>> but it was grey. Acrobat Reader 5.1 was unusable grey too, Adobe 
>> Reader 6.0.2 seemed to vanish when I opened it's directory, only 
>> Adobe Reader 7 was -- and this one produced the messages. TCOBrowser 
>> 0.84 survived all this, while the drawer was blank. With the blue 
>> arrow I could return to entry's contents ... I could not read the PDF 
>> file with the help of TCOBrowser.
> Sorry about that, but I'm just not sure what to tell you.  If you have 
> Interface Builder, try opening up TCOBrowser's MainWindow.nib, 
> double-click on the "web drawer" view, select the WebView and hit 
> cmd-shift-i to get info on it, then uncheck "Enable plug-ins" and see 
> how it goes.  If that doesn't make sense, I can send you a build with 
> that done.

This seems to be a routine that comes in when the first attempt to load 
a plug-in fails. So it asks the user to choose an external application.

To me the way how to deal with InterfaceBuilder and MainWindow.nib 
looks a bit different: four windows (MainWindow.nib, TCOBrowser, search 
field, and Cocoa-Windows) open. When I double-click on Drawer in 
Cocoa-Windows nothing happens. When I select that field and press 
Cmd-Shift-i a new window opens, NSWindow Info.

When I step through Cocoa-Windows' tools bar and come to the Cocoa 
Graphics View, I see four large logos: Safari, OpenGL, Finder, and 
QuickTime. Letting the cursor hover over Safari a tool tip "WebView" 
appears. Single- or double-clicking does not do anything, Cmd-Shift-i 
brings me back to the dead end street I mentioned before.

In MainWindow.nib an item "webDrawer" is shown. When I double-click it 
a new window NSDrawer Class Info opens, probably again in dead end 
street. webDrawer in same window is my next choice: on Cmd-Shift-i an 
NSDrawer Info window opens, but no "Enable plug-ins" visible.

It seems that I can't do the job based on your How-To ...



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