[OS X TeX] LaTeXiT 1.3.1 and Nisus (LinkBack)

Pierre Chatelier pierre.chatelier at club-internet.fr
Tue Jul 26 05:59:56 EDT 2005


I did not move this thread to MacOS Tex Toolbox mailing list, because  
I now need some users opinion, about a problem, regardless of  
technical details, even if there will be a few.
But first of all, here is an updated version of LaTeXiT 1.3.1 beta :


What's new ?
  -you can load/save libraries by drag'n drop or double-click, and  
they now have a particular icon.
  -you can show/hide the preamble using the "Latex" menu. Useful for  
people that do not read the doc ;-)
  -if the service fails, you will be prompted by an alert panel.
  -Linkback should now work when using the LaTeXiT's service (but  
read below to see the limitation)

>>> I've been playing with LaTeXiT 1.3.1 and Nisus Express 2.5b1  
>>> using LaTeXit via Services [snip] but I don't get any LinkBack.
>> it seems that Linkback is not taken in account by the way  
>> application service works.

I have contacted Nisus developers to ask them, and I was wrong :  
Linkback does work well with the application service. So what's the  
problem ? The problem is that to tune an equation's baseline,  
LaTeXiT's application service does not send back an image, but an  
RTFD stream, in which the baseline can be tuned. But it appears that  
in text editors, it is very difficult to "extract" the image from the  
stream, so that Linkback is there, but "unreachable" in the RTFD  
object. But it is the responsibility of the text editor to do that.  
NWE guys told me that they will work on that, but it will finally  
depend on the text editor.
So what could I do ?
Well, I found a compromise : If you use the feature of automatically  
tuning the baseline (it is a checkbox in LaTeXiT's service  
preferences), then LinkBack MAY not work (depending on the text  
editor). However, if you disable that feature, then the application  
service won't send RTFD but a simple image, so that LinkBack SHOULD  
work. But you will have to change the baseline yourself.

Any comments/feedbacks about that ? Do you think it is a reasonable  
choice ? Would you see another solution (for technical discussion,  
you can just post on the Tex ToolBox mailing list) ?



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