[OS X TeX] LaTeXiT 1.3.1 and Nisus (LinkBack)

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Tue Jul 26 09:06:24 EDT 2005

On Jul 26, 2005, at 4:59 AM, Pierre Chatelier wrote:

> ...
>  -if the service fails, you will be prompted by an alert panel.
>  -Linkback should now work when using the LaTeXiT's service (but  
> read below to see the limitation)
> I have contacted Nisus developers to ask them, and I was wrong :  
> Linkback does work well with the application service. So what's the  
> problem ? The problem is that to tune an equation's baseline,  
> LaTeXiT's application service does not send back an image, but an  
> RTFD stream, in which the baseline can be tuned. But it appears  
> that in text editors, it is very difficult to "extract" the image  
> from the stream, so that Linkback is there, but "unreachable" in  
> the RTFD object. But it is the responsibility of the text editor to  
> do that. NWE guys told me that they will work on that, but it will  
> finally depend on the text editor.
> So what could I do ?
> Well, I found a compromise : If you use the feature of  
> automatically tuning the baseline (it is a checkbox in LaTeXiT's  
> service preferences), then LinkBack MAY not work (depending on the  
> text editor). However, if you disable that feature, then the  
> application service won't send RTFD but a simple image, so that  
> LinkBack SHOULD work. But you will have to change the baseline  
> yourself.
> Any comments/feedbacks about that ? Do you think it is a reasonable  
> choice ? Would you see another solution (for technical discussion,  
> you can just post on the Tex ToolBox mailing list) ?
> Regards,
> Pierre


Thanks much. I know that LinkBack is still very young so it's nice to  
get involved at this stage. I have to admit that I'm waiting for a  
Pages plugin although the latest Nisus Express 2.5 beta is much  
improved. I usually use LaTeX or XeLaTeX (if I need a special text  
font - like Zapfino, Variation=2, for a recent invitation I put  
together for my wife) but for some things that feel better working at  
the visual, rather than analytic level, like one off news letters, I  
think Pages might fill the bill for me. In any case I never know  
where I'll need to use maths so having LaTeXiT + LinkBack + Pages for  
those occasions will be wonderful. I still use LaTeXiT mostly for  
text and maths to be placed in graphics made in Create and there the  
baseline is of no concern for me.

Thanks again for the effort you have been putting into LaTeXiT to  
make it useful in many ways to many folks.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest.com)

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