[OS X TeX] multi-button mice

Rene Borgella macmechanic at fastmail.fm
Sat Mar 5 23:45:54 EST 2005

Hi all:

All manner of multi-button (and scroll-wheeled 
too) input devices work with Mac OS X, many 
without any additional drivers.  The Logitech, 
MacAlly, Kensington, and even Microshaft brands 
are known to work well.

If you are going to buy one, I recommend basing 
your decision mostly on comfort and fit by trying 
out a few devices at any convenient shop and 
perhaps doing a bit of reading at a Mac user site 
like <macintouch.com> for reader reports of 
specific models and their Mac features and 
limitations. You will find that a lot of devices 
work with OS X even if their mfg. doesn't 
advertise it.   If you don't want to spend much 
time doing reading & research, just get what fits 
your hand and it may be fully functional or 
nearly so with OS X drivers.  If you get a mouse 
with multiple-buttons and features, you might 
want to even try it first for a while without the 
manufacturer's drivers.

There are a few models (e.g Logitech MX 900) 
whose manufactures do not offer native OS X 
drivers and so some of the feature laden models 
work but with sometimes a few missing features. 
IN my case I own a 3-button/scroll wheel MacAlly 
(I think the opti something model) whose drivers 
enable one to configure right/left buttons, 
scroll wheel speed & click button.  It works 
great and I leave it at one of my work locations

For my primary mouse I use a Logitech MX 900. 
There is no native OS X  driver (though I believe 
there are some shareware drivers available). 
Nonetheless I can configure 8 of its nine 
buttons/features by simply using the built in OS 
X System Pref Panels for the Mouse and Exposé 
(you can configure several of the MX900's buttons 
to work with Exposé).  Being able to work Exposé 
from the mouse is wonderful.

I also have used a Logitech Marble ball 
stationary mouse whose drivers work in OS X. If 
you've any multi-button mice hanging around (and 
they are USB or you've got an adapter) just plug 
it in and see what happens.


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