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Jeffrey Roland jroland at lsu.edu
Mon Oct 24 19:51:14 EDT 2005

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.  Herb's (below) seemed the 
most straightforward, so that's the one I tried first (up to making 
the Footbib engine).  Now I'm getting a TeXShop error message that 
says "Can't find the required tool. Users/jeff/ 
TeXShop/Engines/Footbib.engine does not have the executable bit set." 
How do I fix this?


Jeff Roland

>On Oct 24, 2005, at 4:49 PM, Jeff Roland wrote:
>>I'm having trouble using footbib with TeXShop.  As I understand it, 
>>I'm supposed to run LaTeX on  <my document>, which will produce a 
>>file ( <my document>.fb or <my document>.fb.aux, the footbib 
>>documentation isn't really clear on this point) that I need to 
>>process using BibTeX before running LaTeX twice more. The problem 
>>is that I can't seem to do the BibTeX step.  Running  LaTeX on <my 
>>document> doesn't produce a file with extension .fb or .fb.aux that 
>>TeXShop recognizes.
>>Any and all help appreciated, including a suggestion for getting 
>>BibTeX-ed references into footnotes without using footbib.
>>Jeff Roland
>When you edit a file file.tex and then run pdflatex (or 
>latex+ghostscript) on the file it produces a file file.aux. Under 
>ordinary circumstances BibTeX will be run on file.aux. With the 
>footbib package an additional file, file.fb.aux, is created and 
>BibTeX must be run on that file with the command
>bibtex file.fb
>where the .aux is  assumed by BibTeX. After processing, is there a 
>file.fb.aux produced?
>Your choice is either to use BibTeX via the command line or produce 
>a special TeXShop Engine just to do the special processing needed.
>To build the Engine first duplicate one of the .engine files in 
>~/Library/TeXShop/Engines/ and rename it FootBib.engine. Then open 
>it in TeXShop and replace the text there with:
>basefname="`basename "$1" .tex`"
>pdflatex "${basefname}"
>if [ -e "${basefname}.pdf" ] ; then
>   bibtex "${basefname}.fb"
>   pdflatex "${basefname}"
>   pdflatex "${basefname}"
>which will run pdflatex on your file, then run bibtex on file.fb and 
>finally run pdflatex twice. Put that file in the Engines directory. 
>Then you can select the FootBib engine in the drop down menu on the 
>.tex file's toolbar. To make that file use the FootBib engine by 
>default, rather than having to choose it each time you start an edit 
>session, add the line
>%!TEX TS-program = FootBib
>near the beginning of the file. This can be changed at will; e.g., add a line
>   bibtex "${basefname}"
>before or after the first bibtex call if you also have a regular bibliography.
>Good Luck,
>Herb Schulz
>(herbs at wideopenwest.com)
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