[OS X TeX] How to comment out includegraphics?

Alan Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Wed Oct 26 15:05:22 EDT 2005

Bruno Voisin said:

> In case at your school a Samba server is running (Samba is a
> protocol, I think, for sharing files between Linux and Windows), you   could
> just connect to this server from you Mac, put your files there,   then
> connect to it from your Windows school machine and use what's   there.
> In this way you would only have to make sure, at the end of the day,   that
> all the files modified on one machine have been copied on the   server.

SMB is the default file sharing protocol used by Windows machines. It is a
service that also runs the MacOS X. With this running, and with with Windows
File Sharing turned on in the Mac as well, you can connect directly to the Mac
from a Windows machine. So there is no need for a server. All the files stay
resident on the Mac.

This may be made more complicated if there is a network OS like Novell running
at the school. In which case Bruno's suggestion is best, except there is no
copying required because all the files stay put, on the server.

I do this frequently. At home I do the former, at work I do the latter :)

> The advantage of a Samba server is that, from Mac OS X, you can
> connect to it from the Finder using Go > Connect To Server (or Cmd-K)   and
> typing an address of the form smb://[...] where [...] is the   server IP.
> Once you're connected, the server appears just as another   disk, where you
> could mirror your whole directory setup using drag-  and-drop.

Easy-peasy. Or from the Windows machine, map a network drive (in the Tools
menu in the Windows file Explorer) which you can set up to login each time you
start the machine. Just make certain the Mac is running first, too.

> Only warning: Samba is more stringent on file names than the Finder,   it
> will refuse to copy files containing ":" "/" and a few other
> characters. In that case, it will stop the whole directory transfer   while
> giving you only a cryptic warning than some file couldn't be   found (or
> copied, I'm not sure).

Good point. I use no special characters or spaces in file names. Just
alpha-numeric ansi, and hyphens or underscores.

Alan Litchfield

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