[OS X TeX] producing a commentary in TeX of an existing PDF document (various particular items)

Bernhard Barkow bb at creativeeyes.at
Sat Apr 29 03:05:47 EDT 2006

Hi again,

On 29.04.2006, at 08:32, Bernhard Barkow wrote:
> On 29.04.2006, at 00:27, Victor Ivrii wrote:
>>> I asked a little while ago about this topic and was pointed  
>>> towards using the class memoir. However, it turns out that that  
>>> will not work in practice so I've decided instead to use the  
>>> original document in the following way:
>>> 1) create individual pdfs of each page of the original document
>>> 2) include them as graphics as the right hand page (ie alternating)
>>> 3) add my commentary on the left.
>> I use the following approach when I am getting pdf document for
>> reviewing (since Acrobat
>> notes are clearly unable to handle math). Using eso-pic package to
>> include document
>> \begin{minipage}{0.35\paperwidth}
>> \color{red}
>> \title{My remarks}
>> \maketitle
>> Neumann Laplacian is a very special animal, deeply different in the
>> irregular domains from  Dirichlet Laplacian and this must be  
>> explained
>> in details.
>> \bigskip
>> great paper but.
>> \bigskip
>> I suggest to ....
>> \bigskip\bigskip
>> Not clear what ``less stringent estimate'' means.
>> \smallskip
>> real BS
>> \end{minipage}
>> \AddToShipoutPicture*{ \put(200,0){%
>>   \parbox[b][\paperheight]{\paperwidth}{%
>>     \vfill
>>     \centering
>>    {\includegraphics[width=\paperwidth,height=\paperheight,page=5,%
>>                      keepaspectratio]{ThatGuyDoc.pdf}}%
>>     \vfill
>> }}}
> below is a quick implementation automating this task a little bit;  
> actually, using LaTeX for such a task seems like a very practicable  
> approach (which never occurred to me), so I might improve this  
> functionality and package this into a style file one day...

I don't know if anyone will be using this, but forget about the  
previous post: here is a corrected version.


%!TEX TS-program = pdflatex

% \setDocName{doc.pdf} defines the external document's name
% currently treated page number
% \shippage includes the current page
% and takes care of page numbering issues
% \begin{commentedPage}{pageno.} comments \end{commentedPage}

% define the name of the included document:
% this way, commenting on multiple documents is possible
% (although of questionable feasibility)

\section{Adding comments to a document}

Here I start my comments.

etc.\ etc.


The first page of the original document should now have been  
included; here are the comments regarding the next page, which is  
chosen automatically.
Setting the counter \verb+curpage+ enables one to choose a specific  
page: e.g., \verb+\setcounter{curpage}{10}+ will select page 10 of  
the original document.



Some comments to an arbitrarily chosen page (page 17 in this case),  
using an alternative form (using an environment).


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