additional texmf tree for all users (was Re: [OS X TeX] Beginner help with TeXshop/MacTex needed)

Rowland McDonnell rjmm-lists1 at
Tue Aug 29 09:23:59 EDT 2006

> Rowland,
> Did you try my idea of just copying your customized setup (adapted to  
> the TDS) into /Users/Shared/texmf and then making a link to that using
> ln -s /Users/Shared/texmf/ ~/Library/texmf
> ?
> You lose the option of further customizing for each user, but it'll  
> allow you to accept all the i-Installer defaults (or mactex's) and  
> ``just work'' and it's a bit more Mac-like (modulo the need to use  
> the command line once for each user).

Righto - well, I hadn't actually got that far in reading the mailing
list, but I've had a look and yes, it seems like quite a neat solution,
given my particular needs.  Not hugely elegant, but tidy.  Why not?

(about to bury himself in documentation)
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